Thursday, June 21, 2012

Salt Water Taffy


I recently found a recipe from Vanilla & Lace for salt water taffy and since I had all the ingredients, I had to try it.


I had to guess with the temperature of the sugar, since I only had a meat thermometer that went up to 190 F and I needed the sugar to be between 256- 266. I just boiled everything until it started to get thick. IMG_8978

I only made half the recipe, and made two different flavours from it. I used pure vanilla extract (with green food colouring) and almond extract (with green colouring). IMG_9024

The first time I boiled the sugar, it didn't get to temperature, so I reheated both flavours separately. IMG_9010

The first one I made was the green almond, and I almost brunt it!. IMG_9023

This made the sugar harder to work with because it was tough and stayed very hot when I pulled it. IMG_8996

When it got too tough to pull, I out it in the microwave for 10 sec and that softened it perfectly, but it still had to be very hot. This flavour ended up being a hard candy. IMG_8987

The second round with the blue vanilla worked out better because I didn’t let it get too hot, so it was wayyyy easier to work with and made a more chewable candy (and I only had to microwave it a few times). IMG_8993IMG_8979IMG_8971IMG_9041

I hope you too try out making some candy, stock up for birthdays or weddings this summer!

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