Monday, April 23, 2012

My Menu

Sorry for the break in posts, lots of end of the year wrap up projects for school. So to celebrate this blog reaching 1000 hits I have my own menu showcase! ( With recipes to come)
Butters: Red wine and shallot, Lemon and chive, Tomato Garlic
Smoked pepper cured trout salad, picked asparagus and endive, chickpea pancake, citrus vinaigrette
Pulled pork, apple, and cardamom ravioli, crispy pork belly, french lentils, apple and squash puree, braise jus
Crisp seared halibut with white balsamic citrus glaze, crisp eggplant and zucchini stack, cauliflower and capper risotto, sweet tomato chuntney, grilled lemon vinaigrette
Mango sorbet with roasted pineapple, banana fritters, coconut shortbread, banana anglaise and raspberry coulis

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