Friday, March 16, 2012

Easter Basket

Decorator Basket from Gifts Kids Can Make by Sheila McGraw

What you need: 0.5 m fabric (linen) I used an old pair of pajamas, Masking tape, 6 m medium weight rope (I used nylon lightweight rope, so I had to use more to make the same size basket), Craft glue (I didn’t end up using this), Scissors, Ruler, Measuring type, Pen, For a handle, use extra fabric, robe and wire (I used more masking tape and a needle and thread)
1. Tear 5 to 10 strips of fabric about 4 cm wide.
2. Wrap masking tape around ends of the rope to prevent fraying. Measure and mark, but do not cut the rope.
3. Lay the end of one fabric strip onto the rope so that it hangs over the end on an angle. Tape in place.
4. Begin wrapping the fabric around the rope, keeping it angled so it overlaps.
5. When you come near the end of one stip (10 cm) tuck in the next strip so they overlap.
6. Keep wrapping till you get you your measured mark, tape fabric in place, but do not cut the rope.
7. Go back to the beginning of the rope, tuck and fold the overhanging end of fabric around the rope, glue into place( I skipped this step). Tear 8 narrow strips of fabric about 60 cm long (I used yarn). 8. Tie the center on one narrow strip (or yarn) to the finished end of the rope. Bend the covered end of the rope over, using the yarn to tie in place. Tie the seven more strips to the rope with equal spaces in between.
9. Begin to coil the rope. When you come to a strip, tie it around the rope, continue till the spiral is 18 cm across.
10. To make the sides of the basket, continue to coil the rope, but instead of placing the rope beside the last, place it on top, then tie. Continue till you get to the end on your fabric wrapping rope. If the basket is not high enough, just wrap more fabric around the rope (that’s why you didn’t cut it yet!). At this point I decided I wanted more pieces of yarn to hold the basket together because I founf there was to much space between the yarn. I added in pieces by going back to the bottom of the side of the basket, and tieing up to the top.
11. When you’re happy with the size of your basket, cut the rope and finish the end like you did the other end. Trim the lose ends of the strips or yarn then tuck them between the coils, or tie in decorative bows. 12 If you want a handle, cut a length of rope the size on the handle you want, and wrap in wire or masking tape, so it will stand on its own. To attach to the basket, bend the wire or fabric around the top coil. Wrap the handle in fabric, and attach to the other side the same way.
Now you have a lovely basket for Easter, holding keys, soaps, fruit, bread, the list is endless! Try using ribbon instead of yarn or fabric to tie the basket together. These would also be great for gift baskets. Enjoy!

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