Monday, March 05, 2012

Magazine Page Bows

I love making these fun bows out of magazine pages, they’re so easy to make, and add that unique finishing touch to your gifts!
1.You will need Scissors, a craft brad and, one magazine page, try to find one with lots of colour and minimal words (like a full page add) the colour it the first thing you will see!
2.Cut the page vertically into 2 cm strips, I just eyeball it and I get 7-8 strips. You can make these thinner for a different look.
3.Like the picture, hold one strip in the middle with the ‘wrong’ side facing you. Curve the top of the paper and hold in the middle. The ‘wrong’ side should be showing on the end of the strip.
4.Repeat with the bottom end. It should look like a figure 8.
1.Poke the brad through the 3 layers of paper.
2.It should look like this on the back.
3.Fold another strip the same way.
4.Put the new figure 8 on the bottom of the first, and poke the brad through.
5.Repeat for the rest of the strips, and spread the brad ‘legs’ out to hold.
6.Now you’ve made a beautiful environmentally friendly bow to put on your gifts!
Make a bunch so you’re ready for the next birthday or holiday!

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