Monday, March 26, 2012

Menu Showcase

Justin's menu:
Lemongrass beef tenderloin, rice noodles, lightly pickled vegetable and seaweed salad, lettuce wrap, dry roasted peanuts, celery and mint, sweet and spicy sauce
Duck 2 ways, asian style duck leg confit in a crisp spring roll wrap, citrus ponzu sauce, chinese BBQ duck with cherry sauce, cilantro mango salsa
Curry-yogurt painted halibut, wild mushroom and braised spring onion risotto, baby bok choy, cucumber kimchee, thai lime butter sauce, tempura green beans
Green tea creme brulee, black sesame seed ice cream, papaya compote and pomegranate jelly, mango coulis, almond tuile

Gordon's Menu:
Goat cheese panna cotta, crispy pepper tuille, baby waldorf salad, toasted walnuts, cider caramel
Shellfish bisque, lobster and potato cake, shrimp beignet and warm pea salad, cream fraiche and herb flavoured oil
Chicken roulade stuffed with gruyere, fig, prosciutto and sage sauced with savory apple sabayon, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, spinch risotto, demi reduction sauce
Chocolate brownie, chocolate ecstasy filled with chocolate ganache, white chocolate mousse and vanilla ice cream

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