Friday, March 23, 2012

Menu Showcase

Angela's Menu:
Shrimp and vegetable tempura, ponzu sauce and pickled ginger, candied lotus root
Grilled chicken with mango BBQ sauce, steamed gyoza dumpling, pickled radish with cucumber and mango dipping sauce
Braised beef short rib, sticky rice and vegetable crepe, marinated vegetables, house-made kimchee, sweet and sour chili sauce
Ginger creme brulee with green tea cake, green tea creme brulee with ginger cake, wild berries

Dave's menu:
Rabbit and veal sausage with sundried tomato, alsatian onion tart, arugula salad, pickled beet and cremini mushrooms, beet syrup
Split pea soup with portobello mushrrom and prosciutto, savort croutons and chives
Crisp skin chicken supreme, parmesan, potatoes croquettes, acorn squash puree, honey-glazed carrot pearls, saute of button mushrooms, onion jam, natural jus
Chocolate carmael tart, caramelized white chocolate chiboust, brown butter ice cream, vanilla tuile, candied pecans and wild berry coulis

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