Saturday, February 11, 2012

DIY Bound Book Part 2

Yesterday I posted a DIY Bound Book and today I will show you how to put your own cover on it. You can use any kind of paper and design you want as long as it is at least 2cm bigger around than your book. I used a Cora place mat.

1. Place your book in the middle of a sheet of paper that’s bigger than the book.
2. Glue each cover of the book.
3. Fold the sheet over and rub to secure.
4. Fold in the corners
5. Then fold the sides
6. Fold the middle in as shown, and make a cut in the middle (not shown)

7. Fold the top and bottom edges in.
8. Tuck in the paper in at the middle.
9. Cut a length of card board the same length as the book and width of the spine, glue each side, and slip in.
10. Rub the spine of the book against a desk/floor/your hand.

the Spine should look like this.
Now you have your own personalized bound book!

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