Friday, February 17, 2012

Menu Showcase

Rabbit rillette with prunes, red onion marmalade and grilled fennel, celery root and marinated apple salad, mustard cream sauce.
Braised beef vol-au-vent with wild mushrooms, butternut squash-dusted sweetbreads, butternut squash puree and red wine glazed pearl onions, smoked bacon and french onion veal jus.
Crispy skin arctic char, roast shallot and shrimp custard, tomato tartar with olive tapenade, cauliflower couscous, apple, wallnut and parsley vinaigrette, butter roasted carrots with rosemarry.
White chocolate bavarian cream, cranberry sobet, apple chips, chocolate cigarettes.

Port poached pear salad, endive and radicchio, crisp pancetta, candied walnut and gorgonzola mousse.
Curried squash and apple bisque, ginger creme fraiche, spiced cashews, chili oil.
Seared duck breast, braised duck leg, mushrrom risotto, braised squash, ricotta stuffed zucchini, grilled asparagus, cherry pan sauce.
Orange ginger creme caramel, chai infused panna cotta, spiced pumpkin cake, chocolate espresso ice cream.

Warm goat cheese salad, grilled apple relish with hazelnuts, savory carrot and ginger cake, apple ginger syrup.
Grilled Honey Balsamic marinated quail, roasted beet salad with feta cheese, grainy dijon viniaigrette.
Veal milanese, roasted lemon and olive oil potatoes, bacon, green bean and pearl onion ragout, green olive and white wine pan sauce, crisp smoky onions.
Blood Orange Sorbet with coca slice, chocolate coffe sherbet and warm chocolate sauce, chocolate chrisp.

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