Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY Paper Curtain

These beautiful paper curtains are so easy to make, and look great in a window with the sun behind them.

1. Gather your supplies: scraps of colourful paper or paint chips in any shape (triangles, squares, circles, hearts, starts, etc.), and a sewing machine with white tread.
2. To start sewing, make sure you have at least 10 cm of tread pulled behind the needle, this is what you will use to tie your curtains to a curtain rod.
3. Sew through your first piece of paper.
4. When you get to the middle of the paper, line up the next piece.

5. Let the needle run through nothing for about a cm, then let the feet grab the next piece.
6. Once you have sewn through the middle of the 2nd piece, line up the 3rd
7. Continue until your curtain is as long as you want it to be to fit your window, door frame, etc.
8. Tie onto a curtain rod and enjoy!

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